Picking a name – The importance of brand

You read lots of varying views on selecting your business name. I tend to side with those that focus on the bigger picture. Those that talk about the whole package of customer perception and branding.

When you walk down your local high street (or visit your nearest shopping mall for you Americans), it seems obvious that name is not so important. HSBC, Virgin, Tesco… Sure “Post Office” holds a real naming monopoly however it hasn’t stopped DHL and Fed Ex.

Essentially while name is important, or rather avoiding wrong names is important – it is more the packaging around the name that is crucial.

There is a great article at http://onstartups.com on Startup Branding here:


The author describes the response to Xerox in the 60’s:
“It sounds like a Chinese laxative,” he said. I bet it did to most people, and they did OK.

Many more examples exist.


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