Podcasts – Hearing and Learning From Others

There is so much literature available online for any topic you can think about. Business, startups and technology bring back millions of results. It is easy to become overwhelmed.

A Google search of the word ‘startups’ finds 32.9 million results. There are 978,000 video results! It pays to be selective.

Personally I enjoy learning from others. Interviews and case studies are a great source of information. You can gain a real insight into how an idea become a reality. Many are more than happy to share the challenges and difficulties they have worked through.

Presently I don’t have too much time to sit down and read articles or books, so podcasts are perfect. Unfortunately a Google search for ‘startups podcasts’ retrieves 24.5 million results! To help out I have listed two of my current favourites:

Techzing Tech Podcast – Their best episodes are interviews with other entrepreneurs.
Business Week – Smart Answers – Recorded a few years ago, the interviews and information is very relevant for new businesses.

As time goes on I will update this list and highlight some particular episodes to check out.


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