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Over the past few months we have been busy hammering away on our typewriters. Some articles we have published. Others have sat idle on our desks waiting for our head editor to review. To help us – please vote for articles you would like to see published.

Reply via WordPress, tweet us (@SparkNLaunch), text us or even let us know via smoke signal. Just include the post number in your message. Have we missed something? Then send us your suggestions.

Here is a list of our planned future posts….

Upcoming posts:

1. Would you buy it? – Examining the most powerful test for any new idea or product by asking the simple question of “Would you buy it?”.

2. The Lean Startup – A summary of the lean movement and our impressions on its effectiveness in the current entrepreneur climate.

3. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – Describing the shift from product to customer development models and the importance of getting something out to the market sooner, rather than later/never. You may have nothing to lose by exposing your product today.

4. The Five Whys? (Why 5x) – Testing the ‘five whys’ approach to root cause analysis. A Taiichi Ohno (Toyota) approach to lean manufacturing now being advocated by Lean Startup author Eric Ries.

5. Project Trout meets Adwords – Our ongoing investigation into social media and the success (or rather failure) in driving traffic continues. This time we share our unsurprising results on using Google AdWords.

6. Margin Call – We try and apply lessons from the film Margin Call to the startup industry.

7. Million Dollar Viral – Research into the power of viral marketing and whether such techniques can be repeated. Can these methods be used by a small startup or are they reserved for the big boys?

8. Front Page News (Media Coverage) – We explore the steps required to make it onto the front page of Tech Crunch or Hacker News, and what this really means to the longevity of your company.

9. Market Research Monkey – Some musings on the challenges in conducting market research.

10. Using Buzzwords Badly – A closer look at the use of buzzwords and jargon, and if the misuse of words even matters.

11. Why your online presence is meaningless! – A rambling entry on why your online presence is not enough to progress your business.

12. Why Google+ Sux? – Sharing the frustration and joy of Google. We put forward an argument that Google has too many engineers building products that the average consumer cannot use.

13. Everything has been done – Success may take years and why all your ideas are already being delivered and rejected by the market.

14. Why being a deal maker matters! – A look at the important players that can make a successful startup.

15. Five Dollar Millionaire – Why $5 is suddenly a popular price point for your startup product. A couple examples on how psychological price points are being exploited by entrepreneurs.


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