Step 1 – Where to Begin


It has been several months since we started our startup journey. We wanted to discover how to create something. We wanted to know how you went from an idea to a real business. This post reflects on what we have learned so far from others.

The two points that stand out the most when speaking to entrepreneurship is as follows:

1. It takes hard work and energy
2. It takes hard work and energy

The above it not a typo!

All business owners say the same things. They tell you how tough, scary and lonely it is to take a risk and start something on your own. They speak passionately about what they have achieved but don’t shy away from the ups and downs.

To us, this really means that you need to be doing something you love because building a business takes sacrifices.

So where do you begin? We feel it takes knowing who you are and what you are passionate about…

1. Interests? What are you good at? What do you enjoy?

Because starting your own business requires significant time, effort and enthusasim it seems crucial that you focus your new venture around your interests.

Ask yourself, what am I good at?

The most simple exercise is taking a piece of paper and dividing into three:

+ Very Good – What am I really good at? What are my main skills? What are my main passions?
+ Okay – What am I just ‘okay’ at doing?
+ Bad – What should I not bother doing?

Think ‘interests’ and ‘skills’.

Now study the ‘Very Good’ column.
+ What does it say about you? – Do you agree or disagree? If you disagree – start the process again.
+ Apply the 24/7 test – Would you be prepared to do these things 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

2. Problem? Where can I help? Where can I make a difference?

Now that you have identified your key interests and skills. Think about some common problems you come across; or things you think you can improve.

Take a piece of paper and divide into three:

+ Problems – What things do I see everyday that I want to fix?
+ Pain Points – What really annoys me? What is totally inefficient?
+ Random – Whatever else is on your mind?

3. Combine 1 & 2

You should now have a pretty good picture of what you can bring to the world. And you should also know some of the things that need fixing.

Spend some time joining 1 and 2 together. If you are really good at baking muffins and cannot find tasty muffins in your area. Think about how you could join the two together. Muffin store? Online muffin recipes?

Note that this is only step 1. You should avoid jumping too far ahead and trying to settle on one single idea. The purpose of the above is to think of many ideas and match these to your interests. There is plenty more work ahead!

Tell us if these activities worked for you.


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