14 Year Old Girl: “Stop making excuses, make something awesome”

The Good Old Days? (Scitech Blog News)

The old and dusty cliched image of technology has radically shifted in the past decade. The tech scene is now glamorised by young people trying to build the next Facebook.

When we came across the article title – I’m a girl, aged 14, based in the North – working on a tech startup; “stop making excuses, make something awesome” – we suddenly felt very old.

Cec Plascott along with two others have built Propelly. The sales pitch of “digital retail, minus the hassle” sums up a neat little platform for selling anything digital lying around on your desktop. It is a fantastic idea that has been brought to fruition by a group of teenagers.

Plascott passionately writes about telling her teenage counterparts to stop making excuses and do something. Her message applies not just to youngsters, but adults who are sitting back and doing nothing. If a 14 year old can build something, then any adult has no excuse.

She lists a handful of other teens who have gone out and built stuff – Nick D’Aloisio, Jamal Edwards, and Josh Buckley. She cites the GoSquared story that started out by the team when they were still at school. There are many more.

Age is not the only issue tackled. Plascott also praises female entrepreneurs like Leah Busque and Deena Varshavskaya for inspiring her. While women continue to lag behind in the startup communities, the few female entrepreneurs around the place are making a difference (one example: Caterina Fake).

So next time you are looking for an excuse, consider the young kid next to you on the train who is heading home to finish their homework and then finalise their business plan…

“Stop making excuses, make something awesome.”


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