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Expert Knowledge is The Next Big Thing

We are big fans of online expert sites. Quora, Askolo, Stack Exchange and many more are all part of a trend towards matching experts to inquisitive minds. These platforms are essentially allowing subject matter experts to sell their knowledge to others. Why not?

A Great Resource For Finding Expert Answers

One our favourite expert portals is Sporuter. It is a fantastic resource for “Expert Answers for Your Startup Questions”. It gives you direct access to startup gurus like Eric Ries, Dan Martell, Hiten Shah, Ash Maurya. The list of valuable contributors goes on and on.

Sharing Some Invaluable Answers

We thought we would share some of the gems we have found. This is only a handful. Check out more at Sporuter. Drop us a line and share your favourities!

Eric Ries (Entrepreneur, author of The Lean Startup):

Q. There has been some talk lately that MVPs are coming out that are not quite up to even MVP standards. How do you set the bar for an MVP?

A. MVP is all about what you’re trying to learn. If it tests your hypothesis, do it. But don’t go talking to the press about it, that’s way too soon.

Joe Stump (Founder):

Q. In what areas have you failed in your business? What lessons did you learn from them? How did they create more opportunities and insights for you?

I’d say the top two things that caused major issues at SimpleGeo early on was growing the team too quickly and attempting to solve too many of our customers’ problems at once…

Dan Martell (Founder and Angel Investor):

Q. What is the best place to look for people to work with on a startup idea? startup meetups? the one’s I’ve been to seem to be all about “networking”, but when it comes to actually doing real work people seem to be reluctant.

A. Founder Dating, Startup Weekend, Technical User Groups and Meetups. If you create an online brand using Twitter / Blog /etc and tweet at people – you’ll eventually make friends with them over the internet.

Ash Maurya (Entrepreneur, Foodie, Dad):

Q. While my company is in stealth mode, what is the best way to recruit your first group of “testers” to help you test your product?

A. I have a problem with stealth-mode. What are you hiding from?


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