Startup Weekend: What to expect? How to prepare?

The Startup Weekend Series: This entry is part of a series of blog posts about attending a startup weekend event. These posts will help those people who have never attended a weekend hackathon or those wishing to maximise their experiences.

As startup communities continue to grow, so do the frequency and popularity of hackathons and startup weekends.

Various profit and not-for-profit groups have flooded this space offering startup weekends around the world.

Google and The Kauffman Foundation have got behind the “Startup Weekend” brand offering an open source approach to helping people get involved. So far they have held many successful events including London Startup Weekend, Seattle Startup Weekend, Barcelona Startup Weekend plus cities further abroad like Amman and Tunis … the list goes.

The events attract a mixture of experienced, inexperienced, technical and non technical enthusiastic participates to compete over a weekend (usually 54 hours) to build and present the best ‘next big thing’.

So, what can one expect? How does one prepare? Should I attend?

Over the next few weeks we plan to compile some hints, tips and general info that will hopefully help out the next wave of participants.

If you have any resources to share or your own experiences, please drop us a line.

To wet your palette here are some articles on startups weekends, pitching advice, and podcast on what to expect:

1. Startup Weekend FAQ – A set of helpful question and answers.
2. Pitching advice for Startup Weekend – Simple and effective tips for preparing your pitch.
3. Podcast with the CEO of Startup Weekend – An insight of the Startup Weekend events and organisation.

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