Creating Your Very Best Startup Business Logo have published a really helpful article getting your logo professionally designed. Your logo will be the face of your company and therefore has importantn consequences to how customers respond.

1. Know the name of your company – Does the name reflect what you do?

2. Style of your business logo – Font based, representative or abstract? Will your logo instantly communicate what you do?

3. The message behind your business logo – What is your unique selling point (USP)?

4. Make a business logo fit for purpose – Where will you use your logo? Websites, instantiation, business cards?

5. Research your designer – Check out their previous work and customer testimonials. Avoid picking on price alone.

99Designs who provide an online market place for designers offer similar logo designing tips and advice.

1. Picture the name – Use images to convey your product or service.

2. Get quirky – Select something different to stand out from the crowd and be memorable.

3. Create a superhero logo – Common themes help customers associate and remember your logo.

4. Twitterize it – The 99Designs article suggests using Twitter as your inspiration. However they better suggestion would be considering how your logo will transcend mediums. How will your logo look in Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and other social media platforms?

5. Make it 3D – These logo require are more complex to create however add a level of expertise and professionalism. Good examples are Xerox and even Llyoyds Bank.

We hope these tips help. Leave a comment and share a link to your startup logo.

Image Credit: FieldID


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