Helpful Startup Tools for Entrepreneurs – Q&As

In early August we published a post titled “Helpful Startup Tools for Entrepreneurs“. It announced our new repository of online startup tools for entrepreneurs.

Today we have added 10 top question/answer websites. We are big fans of online expert sites. These platforms allow you to gain access to industry experts.

Want to ask Eric Ries a question on Lean Startup? Check out Sprouter. Want to ask Drew Houston about how he started to Dropbox? Check our Quora.

Here are the 10 new entires into the startup tools repository:

1. Quora – Using the search functionality you can easily find experts and answers relevant to your industry.

2. Askolo – A small scale question and answer website, however has a diverse membership base of startup entrepreneurs. Offers an opportunity to get in touch with like minded people.

3. Stack Exchange– It originated from helping programmers solve coding problems. It is now an ever growing pure question and answer site.

4. OnStartups – Part of the StackExchange network. This section deals specifically with entrepreneur and startup based questions.

5. Sporuter – A rich community of startup experts. Includes answers from Eric Ries, Brad Feld, Tony Conrad, Dan Martell, Mark Suster, Hiten Shah, Micah Baldwin, Aaron Patzer, Daniel Burka, Joe Stump, Ash Maurya.

6. LinkedIn – Best known for being a social network for professional connections, LinkedIn offers several forums for connecting with experts in your field.

7. Reddit – The social news website has slowly been adding subsections (“subreddits”). This has helped in finding useful users and threads to follow.

8. Hacker News – Affiliated with the YCombinator accelerator foudned by Paul Graham. The site is primarily a news aggregation site for startup and technology related articles. However submissions prefixed with “Ask HN” or “Show HN” can quickly gain useful feedback and interest.

9. Twitter – Search and find experts to follow and ask questions. Your submissions are limited to 140 characters but can start informative interactions.

10. Google – It is very likely your question has already been asked (and answered). Searching for “How do I…” may yield some quick answers.

Want more top tools? Visit our Helpful Startup Tools For Entrepreneurs section.

Have a site to add? Drop us a line in the comments section or over .


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