Fabrice Grinda – Musings of a Serial Entrepreneur

tl;dr Serial entrepreneur Fabrice Grinda shares his intriguing background with Andrew Warner (Mixergy). Grinda started at a young age selling computers and went on to build and sell larger businesses (auction site Aucland and mobile company Zingy). His approach to big ideas and large scale execution is inspiring to all entrepreneurs.

Musings of a Serial Entrepreneur

We just finished listening to a great startup podcast with Fabrice Grinda. Embarrassingly we hadn’t heard of him before however he is a serial entrepreneur with an impressive track record.

In the early days Grinda started selling computers between the US and Europe, realising a price and time arbitrage opportunity to sell newer spec computers to Europeans. Fabrice later went to work at McKinsey but grew tired of corporate life and left to start Aucland, at the time the European version of eBay.

After the successful exploration of various other ventures, Grinda went on to found Zingy, a mobile ringtones, wallpapers and games company. He later sold this to a Japanese based firm a few years later for $80 million. By then the company had numerous big name mobile companies on their books, including Sprint and Verizon.

He now runs OLX, a free online classifieds and auctions site. He also is heavily involved in the startup scene, investing in several up and coming startups.

The highlight of the interview is hearing Grinda’s approach to product generation and how well he executes. He is not scared to create a business that already exists. He challenged eBay and Amazon and survived. He persevered with Zingy and won. He writes more on his business selection criteria on his blog.


+ Check out the Mixergy podcast with Fabrice Grinda.
+ Visit Fabrice Grinda’s excellent and informative blog – Musings of a Serial Entrepreneur.

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2 responses to “Fabrice Grinda – Musings of a Serial Entrepreneur”

  1. yeahthisisandrew says :

    I wish I heard his story when I was growing up.

    I used to feel so insecure for not being ‘like everyone else’ in school.

    If I heard his story, I would have realized that it didn’t matter, and that I was fine.

    • Spark N Launch says :

      Thanks Andrew. Really enjoy the Mixergy podcasts.

      Fabrice is an exception to the rule. His perseverance certainly paid off.

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