Welcome to our blog and thanks for stopping by! Thanks even more for clicking on the ‘about’ link to learn more about the blog. We have styled this about page into a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to try and share a little about ourselves…

If you need to know anything else please contact us via the various contact links on this page. We will endeavor to add to this section overtime.

Q. What’s this blog about?

A. The Spark ‘n’ Launch blog grew out of the desire to record the learning journey of a budding entrepreneur. The web offers so much insightful and powerful knowledge it seemed crucial to capture these articles, videos and podcasts somewhere. Therefore this blog is our notebook or scratch pad we hope others with a similar passion and interest will benefit from.

Q. Why the rocket fetish?

A. The rocket analogy (in our name and logo) makes reference the exploration of an idea from an initial spark or brainwave, to actually delivering or launching that idea into something real.

Q. Anything else?

A. We hope you enjoy the rambling of a startup dreamer… sharing ideas and thoughts on business, startups, entrepreneurs and new technology.

2 responses to “About”

  1. alittlecupofcoffee says :

    I’ve just found your site through the forum, and I love the posts so far. I’ve always been interested in business and businesses that grow from limited resources. Looking forward to following.

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