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Web Two is awesome – Web 2.0 changes our surfing experience

We are really only writing this entry to share with anyone who will listen how impressed we are with the Internet. It really is awesome compared to the days you use to ‘dial up’ to your favourite bulletin board.

Back in the past, websites were built by your 10 year old cousin in his bedroom. He typed in line-by-line HTML code into Notepad Text Editor and designed all the images himself in Microsoft Paint. The website was okay and maybe a couple of people would stumble on it by accident every now and then.

Jump forward into 2012 and Web 2.0 dominates. The whole way we view websites has changed – tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, gaming consoles, desktop PCs…

Websites are powerful, pretty, fast and impressive. And everyone can build one themselves with limited to no experience about programming. Your 10 year old cousin isn’t needed anymore. Sorry Jack – you’re fired.

Technologies are changing so fast and we are seeing a ramp up in on line applications. Not all are totally practical and useful. However the opportunities are endless in connecting with your friends, family and customers.

We have listed a few below. Not necessarily because of the current content, or even in terms of functionality, connectivity and technology. They just present websites we were not using a couple of years ago and now visit daily/weekly.

Google Docs

Drop us a comment with some of your best Web 2.0 sites…


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