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The Zoo Project – A Fantastic Marketing Opportunity

Appreciated that the entry date has now passed (end of Jan) but spotted this as an interesting project to follow. There are a lot of new businesses starting up trying to operate as the latest network provider between merchants and publishers. Parties are trying to build and offer new platforms to support this growing industry. This competition is offering an incubator for those interested in getting a foot in the door (or more).

The project is organised by Trade Doubler, a well known “Performance-based digital marketer”. More details on the project are available at The Zoo Project website.

Some quotes from the site:

The Zoo Project is a business incubator designed to foster grass roots growth and help drive innovation in the online marketing arena for companies specialising in the Affiliate Marketing industry.

Successful applicants will benefit from open plan business space in the central London location of Victoria, completely free of charge.

I don’t have any links to the organisers or any competitors but wish everyone good luck and will be waiting to see what comes out of this project.


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