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Twitter – Tweeting to your #audience

Facebook, WordPress, Wikipedia, Pinterest (etc etc) are taking up more and more of our time. Twitter has become part of my daily digest of news and information. Twitter is useful in keeping track of popular trends and your favourite celebrities. However you can quickly be overwhelmed by the massive volume of tweets, even if you are only following a handful of Tweeters.

Regardless, Twitter among many are vital tools in getting people interested in your product/service/launch. When picking a business name, you now need to consider if the Twitter and Google handles are available in addition to reserving your domain name.

There are endless articles on the marketing power of Twitter but be wary of how you use this tool. A slip of the keyboard after a few drinks may cause embarrassment to your brand.

The basics:
+ Think before you tweet – Ensure message is appropriate and adds value.
+ Watch your grammar – Use your spell checker.

Make your message count by considering:
+ Using appropriate hashtags – Adding a ‘#category’ to your tweet can attract more readers but importantly those interested in your topic/category.
+ Leaving room for re-tweeting – Allow space for others to re-send your message. They can add a ‘RT’ to the start of your message to spread the word.
+ Including a web link and making sure this link works – Web links draw in your followers and allow you to day more than 140 characters.
+ Quote others – Some say that adding a ‘@person’ to your tweet can gain more attention. It also humanize your messages.

Growing your audience:
+ Interact – Target other Twitter users by directing messages to others (including ‘@person’ in your message).
+ Follow – Follow others. Try and target those with similar interests to your own. Beware of spammers.
+ Include Links – Add your Twitter handle to your website and email signature.
+ Ask – Ask others to follow you.

We are not experts here but try varying combinations of the above and see what happens. Do some combinations work better than others? Let us know.

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