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Your Holiday is Now Over


Your Holiday is Now Over

You spent the last couple of weeks frolicking in joy and laziness. You got into a habit of waking up after midday. Well sadly the holiday is officially over. For most, you are forced to resume your daily commute to your office cubicle. You can now begin the 365 day countdown to the next summer holiday break.

On the Plus Side

The good news is that you can get back to pursuing your dreams. New years is often the time for reflection and goal setting. January is time to start pursuing your new year’s resolutions. Those goals we set ourself that are often forgotten by January 31st.

Goal Setting

Let’s make 2013 different! Let’s write down some goals/resolutions and aim to fulfil them. Let’s prove those sceptics wrong and show them that new year’s resolutions can be met and even exceeded.

Step 1

According to the experts, you should try the following:

+ Decide what you want.
+ Start small, but keep walking.
+ Be positive when stating your goals.
+ Don’t underestimate yourself.
+ Write it down.
+ Affirm it.
+ Stop procrastinating.
+ Habituate yourself to liking the challenges.
+ Review your progress.

The focus is setting realistic and positive goals that you can monitor. Writing them down and sticking them on your wall can be a massive motivator. It can also prompt visitors to press you on your progress.

Our Goals

In 2013:

+ We want to write better posts by being better story tellers.
+ We want to build more things by stop making excuses for not building things.
+ We want to learn more from others by talking more to others.

What are your goals?

Drop us a line, leave is a comment. Share the love. Good luck in 2013!


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Why this blog?

We have always been dreamers. Dreaming of being entrepreneurs. Actually taking the plunge and doing something. Taking control and being our own boss. The problem is we get fixated on the end game and end up doing nothing. Achieving anything is about getting started and not being overwhelmed.

So this blog is a way of me breaking down the tasks into small manageable sizes and doing something. Like many, this may all end in tears and we end up binning this blog after a couple of weeks. Or it actually inspires us to have a go and create something. Even if it is only a blog.

This blog will record and share our learnings along the way. The early focus will be on existing entrepreneurs, startups and businesses. We are trying to work out what works and what doesn’t, and how one starts – boring stuff like writing a business plan and building cash flow models.

Starting a Blog – Don’t expect any Shakespeare

Over the past few months (years) we have realised that almost everyone is now writing a blog. And if they are not writing their own, they are reading many others. We are not the sentimental type however our own blog feels like a smart way to record my journey and capture all the great websites/ideas/thoughts we discover along the way.

So here goes… don’t expect any Shakespeare or Blake. Fingers crossed someone, somewhere in cyberspace will find these posts useful or at least a way to pass the time during their lunch break. Bon appetit!

Hello world!

EDIT: Call us sentimental, but we are leaving this original post here…

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