The following is a list of helpful startup tools for entrepreneurs. We will continue to add to this page as we find more and more great online resources.

Have we missed something? Drop us a line with your own favourite entrepreneur tools.

Top Startup Podcasts: (Blog Post)

1. Techzing Tech Podcast
2. The Startup Success Podcast
3. Startups for the Rest of Us
4. A Smart Bear
5. Lean Blog
6. Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship Corner
7. HBR Ideacast
8. Mixergy
9. This Week In Startups (TWiST)
10. Venture Voice
11. Foundation by Kevin Rose
12. Founders Talk
13. Techcrunch Founder Stories
14. The Frank Peters Show
15. Freakonomics

Top Startup Coding Resources: (Blog Post)

2. Codecademy
3. Michael Hartl’s Ruby on Rails
4. Free Tech Books
5. Google Code University
6. HTML Dog
7. Mozilla Developer Network
8. MIT’s EE and CS courses
9. Learn to Code the Hard Way
10. Beginner’s Guide to HTML & CSS

Top Startup Q&As: (Blog Post)

1. Quora
2. Askolo
3. Stack Exchange
4. Sporuter
5. OnStartups
6. LinkedIn
7. Reddit
8. Hacker News
9. Twitter
10. Google

Top Startup Business Planning Tools: (Blog Post)


Top Startup Blogs: (Blog Post)



One response to “Tools”

  1. Rodolphe says :

    Hi there,

    Thank you for your list of tools, i didn’t know some of them. I added Mixergy to my list as well, he’s a great content provider! You can check it out here, we have a few 1300 links :

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