Random Generated Startup – Life gets easier (again)

The Internet really makes your life easier. You don’t even need to brainstorm anymore. Sites like the one linked below randomly generate your very own startup name and elevator pitch.


Here are some examples. Look out for these awesome new startups coming to a website near you! And please no tears if any of these are actually ideas you have already spent months on…

An awesome revenue-shared travel wiki (with social twist)
ReBridge is a really awesome way of finding out what your friends are up to. Between trolling HackerNews and eating at In-n-Out, people don’t wana work on their tasks. This is where ReBridge comes in, with 1337 Photoshop skills and an army of monkeys, ReBridge will change your paradigm on your relationship with your parents!

A rapid mobile app store
BeamScale is a unique way of creating Kindle application pages. Between angry parents and discussing Quora on TechCrunch, people believe they can’t learn how to play an instrument. This is where BeamScale comes in, with groundbreaking techniques and lots of coffee, BeamScale will positively affect the way you like your eggs!

A quick and dirty friendlier cloud computing solution (for the geek within)
MyDate is a better, faster way of teaching you Photoshop. between bashing Ruby and reading self-help books, people don’t wanna fund their startup ideas. This is where MyDate comes in, with groundbreaking techniques and innovative features, MyDate will positively affect your hacking skills!


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